mission Shaped Ministry

exploring a church that connects, and a spirituality that engages contemporary life today.

Mission Shaped Ministry (msm)
is an ecumenical course backed by the Uniting, Lutheran and Anglican Churches aimed at helping people to establish fresh expressions* of church across Australia. MSM was designed originally in the UK and has had over 1,500 people nationwide on the course, which focuses on new areas of outreach that engage with those outside the reach of the traditional church.

People suitable to attend this exciting course include youth leaders, church council members, readers, ministers, home group leaders and anybody wanting to reach out in new ways. The course also offers participants the opportunity to make the most of a mission coach/mentor, someone who will come alongside them and help them establish new ways of being church.

Mission Shaped Ministry has been under pilot in Adelaide, Canberra and Melbourne.

*What does this mean???

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